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We're a major supplier and distributor of ARPOL, MIL-SPEC, Industrial and PRIST Chemicals

Versatile provider of Aerospace Chemicals, Lubricants & Grease

Our principal supplier is a Chemicals manufacturer and they dorepacking for Mil Spec Solvents, Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluids, Cutting Fluids, Thinners, and Greases to various partners who deal with the US Government/ DOD, Commercial Aviation, and various export markets and Governments.

We provide most of these in various packaging sizes and deal with the 4 Federal Supply Classes (FSC) below.

  • 6810- Chemicals
  • 6850 - Miscellaneous Chemicals & Specialties
  • 8010 - Paint, Dopes, Varnishes and Related Products - (Unfortunately as of now not paint - Mostly Lacquer Thinners, Lacquer Retarders, and Paint Thinners.)
  • 91 SO - Oil & Grease: Cutting, Lubricating, and Hydraulic

Our principals do repacking for some reputable brands such as Aeroshell, Lanxess, Castrol, and other Lubricant manufacturers that are on the QPL (Qualified Products List) and repack in various package sizes.

In addition to manufacturing solvents and thinners, they also hold a fewQPLs under own Arpol brand.

At Canadian Wing, we know exacting detail counts once you leave the ground. That's why we provide a broad portfolio of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and military-specification (mil• spec) certified high-performing maintenance chemicals, lubricants, and greases used in commercial aerospace operations.

Quality is crucial, that's why we supply certified products with applicable ASTM and mil-spec requirements.

We manage the everyday complexity of chemical supply that is unique to the aerospace market through our OEM, supplier partnerships, packaging services, and technical capabilities. We don't want you to worry about shelf life, date of manufacture, or lead time when you choose to work with Canadian Wing.

We strive to beyourone-stop shopforyourchemical, lubricant, and grease requirements. Learn more about our leading commercial aerospace brands in our supply range:

Arpol Aerospace solvents and lubricants

Proven solutions for aviation

Arpol Aerospace ensures high performing lubricants, oils, greases, and solvents for the aerospace industry that adhere to stringent requirements and specifications designed to keep aircraft well• maintained and at the ready whether your needs are commercial or military.

We know that when you work harder, you demand more. That is why the Arpol Aerospace reputation is synonymous with high quality and superior performance to keep your aircraft flying high.

Technicians rely on Arpol Aerospace products to ensure their aircraft are at optimal levels of performance despite harsh environmental conditions. With varied applications, our lubricants, solvents and specialty chemicals provide superior antiwear properties that reduce wear and tear and help keep maintenance costs down. Whether you need to alleviate rust, prevent seizure problems or apply dispersant properties to your aircraft, Arpolsolve and Arpolube were developed with your aircraft in mind.

We serve a variety of industrial markets, including military and commercial, and our products are available for use in air, land and marine applications. Arpol Aerospace products offering includes materials that are packaged in accordance with unique military requirements, include national stock numbers (NSNs), and appear on the U.S. Qualified Products List (QPL). Arpol products conform toa number of OEM, MIL,SAE, DEF STAN,and NATO code

The Arpol Aerospace brand, reputation, and products have been globally recognized for over 40 years ... let us assist you on your journey so your aircraft and valued travelers can continue to fly with ease.

PRIST chemical distributor

PRIST is the additive pilots ask for by name

Pilots and aviation service personnel have come to depend on the PRIST brand of aviation products. Whether it's protection, prevention, or maintenance, safety is always at the forefront of our minds. That's why we've created a renowned portfolio of products that will help keep you flying.

PRIST Hi-Flash HI-FLO Anti-Icing Aviation Fuel Additive is the most trusted anti-icing aviation fuel additives in the industry. This next-generation additive is less toxic and less volatile, making it safer and easier to use compared to conventional anti-icing fuel additives. To fly more safely, all aircraft without fuel heaters must use an anti-icing fuel additive.

PRISTTKS De-Icing Fluid is designed for de-icing an aircraft and performing anti-icing capabilities post takeoff. When ice has accumulated on the leading edges, the antifreeze solution will chemically break down the bond between the ice and airframe, allowing the aerodynamic forces on the ice to carry it away. This capability allows the system to clear the airframe of accumulated ice before transitioning to anti-ice protection.

PRIST Windscreen Cleaner has been specially formulated for use on many types of windscreens, shields, plastics, glass, metal and more. Unlike many cleaners, it works well on all transparent surfaces to attack tough grime without harming your surface's finish.

  • Hi-Flash HI-FLO Anti-Icing Aviation Fuel Additive
  • PRISTTKS De-Icing Fluid
  • PRIST Windscreen Cleaner

MIL-SPEC chemical and lubricant suppliers

Find the MIL-SPEC chemicals you need:

Canadian Wing is a supplier and distributor for military-specification (mil-spec) chemical products globally for the aerospace market, defense etc.

Our products support air, ground, maritime maintenance, repair, aftermarket, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

As an experienced mil-spec supplier, we have Qualified Products List (QPL) for numerous products under the Arpol brand and we are an authorized distributor for Arpol Mil-spec.

We also supply other brands like Shell, Lanxess, Castrol, and more.

Our OEM have an onsite lab at their own manufacturing facility in Conroe, Texas, and test to the required military specifications to ensure the products you receive are of the highest quality. All products come with appropriate documentation certifying that the designated requirements are met (i.e., Certificates of Analysis and Certificates of Conformance).

Broad product offering across four Federal Supply Classes:

  • 681 O - Chemicals
  • 6850 - Miscellaneous Chemical Specialties
  • 801 O - Paint, Dopes, Varnishes, and Related Products
  • 91 SO - Oil and Grease: Cutting, Lubricating, and Hydraulic

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